Jon Moxley’s feud with Kenny Omega had been building up for months, and they finally faced off in an unsanctioned Lights Out Match at AEW Full Gear earlier this month.

The match got a lot of people talking due to how violent it was, and during a recent interview with WKQX Moxley made it clear that his wife Renee Young was very concerned when they talked about the match.

“Over-dramatic. Come on, like… it comes with the territory, you know what I mean? You sign the contract, we’re together forever and I will love you forever, but you’ve got to understand that if you’re one of my friends or loved ones, especially if you’re my wife, you’re going to deal with some moments where we things get a little cringey and weird, you know? I tend to fly close to the flame sometimes. Not just in wrestling, in general in life. I make… I’m a lot better now, than I was in my younger days, as far as making poor decisions. But yeah… I’m always going to be like, uhh… You’re going to have those moments, you know? That’s part of a marriage, you know? I could roll my bike down a mountain tomorrow and break my neck, you know what I mean? These things are constantly on the precipice of happening.”

Moxley went on to say that he loved his match with Omega, and he emphasized that he thought the crowd reactions were cool.

“I loved the whole thing. I had so much fun. I love the awkward tension in the air, I love those… you don’t get the reactions very much anymore, you get a lot of, ‘Oh, ah, ahhh…’ But it’s a whole different thing when it’s, ‘Oh no no no, no no no oooh.’ That’s so much more intense. That’s… it’s cool, man. Yeah, a totally different sauce. I knew there were going to be a lot of people that were going to be like, that’s not their [cup of tea]. Some people are just grossed out… I’ve never been offended or had a problem with anything I’ve watched in wrestling. I’ve never went, ‘Ooh I can’t watch that.’ And I’ve seen some gross stuff, I’ve seen some horrifying stuff, I’ve seen some stuff where I’m like, ‘Oooh, God, even I’m grossed out by that but that’s cool. I wish I would’ve thought of it.’ So, if you don’t have the stomach for that level of gratuity or whatever, then I’m not offended by it. We painted the painted we wanted to paint, exactly as we intended, but not everybody’s going to want to have that painting hanging in their living room. It might make some people uncomfortable. I was thrilled with the whole thing.”

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H/T WrestleZone