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The Hardy Boyz are back in WWE, and it’s nice to know that fans can catch them just about every week on Monday Night Raw. The brothers recently dropped the Raw Tag Team Titles to Sheamus and Cesaro, and judging from the way their two out of three falls match with the tag team champions ended last week, it looks like the rivalry is going to continue.

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It’s likely The Hardys will be getting another shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles soon, but it’s believed that WWE officials will be looking to split them up sooner than later. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy have both said they’re always happy to work as a team, but they’re also looking forward to getting back into singles competition in WWE.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see the Broken Matt Hardy character in WWE, but the rights to the gimmick are currently wrapped up in a legal battle with Impact Wrestling. However, that hasn’t stopped Matt from teasing the return of Broken Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy recently took to Twitter to say that there is a “primal passenger” that is trying to take over his vessel, and he can’t control it much longer.

The very public legal battle with Impact Wrestling hasn’t been pretty, but Matt has assured fans several times that he will become Broken Matt Hardy again when the time is right. Hopefully the situation will reach a resolution soon.

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