broken matt hardy

We can’t lie, the idea of Jeff and Matt Hardy returning to WWE makes us happy. Even if they have to drop, or greatly alter the Broken gimmick because of Impact Wrestling’s claim on it, we still want those Hardy Boyz back home. People just can’t get enough of Matt and Jeff any way they have to perform, and we agree.

There’s also another thing we can’t get enough of is that new WWE Network Southpaw Regional Wrestling show they have going on, its spectacular. That thing looks like it was filmed overnight and it was so much damn fun to be a part of. We had no idea it was coming until it was already on us like a spear from Roman Reigns. Only the WWE Network didn’t cock their first and yell, “ooowahh!” before they hit us with it. Although they might as well have.

If Matt Hardy has proven one thing to us it is that he can take a character and run an infinite number of miles with it. The thought of having Matt and Jeff on the newest WWE show makes us very happy and you should be psyched too.

Matt Hardy recently spoke up about the subject and displayed his interest in Southpaw Regional Wrestling. This not only makes it certain he’s watching the WWE Network, but that he is imagining himself as part of the community once more. It really makes us happy in some of the best ways possible.