This match is one that’s remembered by many despite the fact that it was in a way erased from the history books. Chris Jericho who was still somewhat new to the WWE at the time was more popular than ever when this match took place and he was also great at pushing Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s buttons.

Chris Jericho had been egging on Triple H for months by insulting him and his wife and on this night he finally got a shot at the WWF World Title. What you’ll see below is a great match that shows Jericho in his prime and a great chapter in his rivalry with Triple H. Chris Jericho wins the title but the decision is eventually overturned and the title was returned to Triple H which was a creative decision that still gets criticized to this day. The criticism isn’t unwarranted as Jericho gets one of the biggest pops of the Attitude Era when he becomes champion for a short amount of time. Looking back, letting him keep the title might have been “best for business.”