luke harper

It finally happened folks, Luke Harper finally changed his shirt. For years now Luke Harper has been wearing the same old shirt to the ring, but he switched things up on Sunday night. Luke Harper was sporting a bit of a darker look at the WWE live event in Amherst, MA and fans seem to like the change.

Luke Harper faced off against Bray Wyatt at the WWE live event and Bray defeated the former Wyatt Family member.

A few weeks ago Luke Harper was fighting for the chance to face Bray Wyatt and challenge for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, but he’s no longer in the title picture, and Harper has since said that he doesn’t think WWE officials have anything special planned for him at the big event.

Maryse and The Miz are a high profile power couple on SmackDown Live, and Maryse’s character has a bit of a reputation for being less than kind. Maryse recently spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about WrestleMania 33 and more, and she says that when she goes out in public, people constantly ask her to be mean to them.

“I love playing a character,” she said. “When I see fans in the street or at meet-and-greets, it’s great. Sometimes they want me to be that person they see on TV, take a picture with a hand in their face or ask me to ‘be mean like you do.’ But I can’t play that character 24-7. Before I cross in front of the curtain [at WWE shows], I flip a switch and become that Maryse.