Lucha Underground star Brian Cage recently participated in a Reddit AMA. You can check out the full session here along with a few highlights below.

People comparing Ryback to him:

“Everybody says he’s the B version of me, or what the WWE wishes they with me. But I don’t think that, I think he’s actually an underrated wrestler. I trained with Reeves. Back then I was the mini-machine and we had a shoot session and I was 20 pounds lighter than I am now and I choked him out. So, maybe I am better than him, but I don’t dislike him. I do appreciate too that he tries to steal my moves.”

Lucha Underground’s intergender matches:

“The intergender matches have been well done in LU, transcending equality. It’s two superheros. It is still believable, but not in a way that’s insulting. I think the matches are greatly produced, and I actually love my match with Taya, and it made me look like a savage and when they first brought it up I thought it was a joke but it was booked so well. It goes back to earlier how I was saying that we are transforming wrestling.”