sasha banks

Sasha Banks has been a very hot topic recently as it was reported last week that she had been released from her WWE contract. Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. reported the release, and then WrestleVotes later followed up and noted that multiple sources claimed the report was accurate.

WWE has yet to confirm the release, and Dave Meltzer addressed the topic on Sunday Night’s Main Event. Meltzer noted that so far he’s been told that the release is being negotiated, but he hasn’t been able to confirm that the negotiation is final.

According to Meltzer as of a few days ago the release negotiations were not finalized, but he added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Sasha Banks was released this week.

PWInsider recently noted that as of this weekend Sasha Banks was still listed on WWE’s internal roster. Stay tuned for more updates on the Sasha Banks situation as they become available.