NXT took did their thing in Largo, Florida on March 9th, and there wasn’t one person in the house who didn’t get their money’s worth. The stars of WWE’s developmental brand put on quite the show and Lana even got in the ring. There were also millions around the world who were super jealous of the few people in attendance that were in the area to marvel at the spectacular developmental action WWE had to offer.

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Kassius Ohno made short work of Kishan Raftar in the opening match of the night and it was Ohno who managed to get the upper hand in this contest. Ohno won with a “Death By Elbow.”

Once these people saw this opening contest, they knew what kind of amazing night they had in store for them.

There wasn’t a jaw in the house that didn’t drop when Lana came out to do her thing against Aliyah. The Ravishing Russian came out on top in the end as she displayed some nice wrestling ability. You can tell she’s been getting some pointers from her husband, Handsome Rusev.

Tag team action took over the NXT ring in Largo as the Ealy Brothers faced off against Heavy Machinery. The identical twins, who could easily be stunt doubles for each other ended up losing the contest but there were more than a few people who were happy to see them. Because after all, identical twins are always awesome to see in person.

The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese was in action against Mustafa Ali. Nese went over in this contest and several in attendance were astounded by the incredible athletic ability these two demonstrated.

Some people would consider Riddick Moss vs. Shinsuke Nakamura a dream match of sorts, then again others would consider anyone versus the King of Strong Style a dream match. Nakamura won at this house show to get himself even more prepared for his eventual Takeover: Orlando rematch for his NXT Championship.

Aleister Black defeated Kona Reeves and reminded everyone that even though his name isn’t Tommy End anymore, it’s still totally appropriate to chant his name with profanities inserted in the middle of it.

Patrick Clark might have made a name for himself from Tough Enough, but the fact of the matter is the guy’s got a mind for the business. While in Largo, he got a chance to take the microphone and let the crowd have it. People in attendance noted how he incredibly good he was at getting heat. Apparently he didn’t wrestle a match, he just came out and rocked the microphone incredibly hard.

It was mixed tag time in Largo as Sanity took on Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, and Liv Morgan. These 6 NXT superstars have main roster written all over them and didn’t hold anything back during this intense and inventive match. Then again whenever Sanity is involved in a match, inventive and intense are two of the most common adjectives used to describe it. Sanity won this one thanks to a swinging fisherman’s suplex and the fact that Nikki Cross is crazy awesome.

If you thought Bobby Roode would miss NXT Largo, you’d be wrong. He took on a repackaged Buddy Murphy in the main event of the evening. Although Murphy impressed people by the fact his new gimmick is pretty sick and he’s engaged to Alexa Bliss, Bobby Roode came out on top because he’s Glorious and he won’t give in until he’s victorious.

After the match which ended with a cheap win by Roode, Nakamura came down to send the crowd home very happy. Nakamura and Murphy posed at the end of the night and those in attendance reported it was an insanely cool moment. It looks like Murphy has great things ahead of him, that’s for sure.