Earlier this year Lana and Rusev were separated on TV, and Lana joined the SmackDown Live women’s division. For years now Lana has been training and talking about how she wanted to get in the ring, and in 2017 she finally got her chance to wrestle on TV.

The Ravishing Russian was immediately thrust into the SmackDown Women’s Title picture, and she challenged Naomi for the belt a few times but she failed to win the championship.

Since her title feud with Naomi, Lana hasn’t been much of a player in the SmackDown women’s division, as she now spends her time managing Tamina on Tuesday nights.

According to The Ravishing Russian herself, the reason why she’s not wrestling on TV anymore is because WWE creative straight up told her they don’t want her to. But she did note that she still wrestles at live events.

Lana spilled the tea after Nia Jax took a shot at her on Twitter, and The Ravishing Russian responded by calling her boring.

Lana has also been retweeting messages from fans who want to see her wrestle more on SmackDown, but it looks like she’s been relegated to the manager role for the time being, and she appears to have her eyes on SmackDown’s newest prospects.