Kurt Angle recently spoke to Fangoria about the upcoming film “Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies.” You can read the full interview by clicking HERE and you can read some highlights below:

FANGORIA: What was your initial attraction to PRO WRESTLERS VS. ZOMBIES?

KURT ANGLE: Well, I’ve been a big zombie fan but I pretty much did a cameo appearance. I thought [the project] was intriguing; I’d never heard of that mix before and I thought it’d be kind of fun to do it. I believe it was the producer who approached me and asked if I’d do a cameo in the movie, and I said that I’d love to.

PRO WRESTLERS VS. ZOMBIES is different than most zombie movies. If you’re going to do a zombie movie, you have to go all-in, and for the low budget they had, we had a lot of fun. You can’t compare this to a bigger budget movie, so you have to take it for what it is, and I think it was done pretty well for the budget that they had. I was really amazed by the make-up; they really didn’t spare any expense on that. I had a scene in make-up and I think they were working on me for like five hours. But they did an amazing job and that’s what really sold me on the movie when I was there. Seeing what they did and what they could create, I knew it was going to be a decent movie.