kurt angle

Fans have been waiting a long time to see Kurt Angle return to WWE, and this year it will finally happen. Kurt Angle is set to headline the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class and everyone including, Angle himself, has high hopes that he will be able to wrestle in a WWE ring again.

Angle has been very open about the fact that he wants to continue wrestling, but WWE officials have been quiet about their future plans for the Olympic gold medalist.

Kurt Angle recently had his first face to face meeting with Vince McMahon since his departure in 2006, and Angle has nothing but good things to say about the experience. The former WWE Champion recently spoke to Sporting News about his meeting with Vince and it sounds like the mastermind behind WWE is already one step ahead of us all when it comes to what’s next for Kurt Angle.

“We met and the first thing he did was embrace me,” said Angle. “He hugged me like I was his son. It got really emotional. We didn’t leave on the best terms. It wasn’t bad terms, but there were some angry remarks, especially from my side and Vince was frustrated with me, with everything going on at that point in time. To be able to come back and Vince say just let it go, let everything in the past go. We’re here now, there’s nothing you need to worry about that occurred in the past. Just worry about right now and the future. We have some wonderful plans for you in the future.”

If you’ve been following Kurt Angle’s career closely then you probably know that the future Hall of Famer can still go in the ring. He may be a little older now, but Angle still has a lot to offer the WWE in terms of star power and storytelling ability.

One way or another it sounds like Vince McMahon understands Kurt Angle’s value as a performer. It remains to be seen what Vince’s “big plans” are for Angle, but hopefully we’ll find out soon.