kurt angle

Kurt Angle may be the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, but it seems that no one in WWE decided to give him the memo about mentioning Chris Benoit when conducting interviews with the media.

The former World Champion has been erased from the history of WWE and the company has made the conscious decision to not mention him at all for the past decade. Angle left WWE back in 2006 before the Benoit tragedy took place, and it seems that he still sees his matches with The Rabid Wolverine as turning points in his career.

The WWE Universe has picked up on the fact that Kurt mentioned his name, the first person connected to the company to do so in a number of years, and has begun to speculate as to whether or not WWE will do anything about it.

Angle is currently rumoured to be stepping back into a WWE ring sometime soon to face Triple H, so it’s highly unlikely that WWE would decide to punish Kurt for mentioning a match that took place over a decade ago.

The company will probably have a quiet word with Kurt and ask him to refrain from mentioning the former superstar again in interviews, but it seems that could be as far as this will go.

The segment of the interview can be listened to here: