vince mcmahon

This weeks episode of SmackDown Live ended with a bag as Vince McMahon made his return to television, and things got out of control pretty quickly. Vince confronted Kevin Owens and he told KO that he’s going to be facing off against his son Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell in a few weeks.

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Owens then made him promise that he won’t be sued if he beats up a McMahon, and Vince gave him his word and sealed the deal with a handshake. Kevin Owens then hit Vince McMahon with a headbutt, and he busted him wide open before going to the top rope and hitting him with a frog splash.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was watching, and after Owens attacked McMahon he took to Twitter to say that something like that would never happen on his watch.

Vince McMahon apparently refused medical attention after SmackDown, as the following update was posted on

“WWE Chairman and CEO Mr. McMahon was on the receiving end of a brutal attack at the hands of Kevin Owens during the shocking conclusion of Sin City SmackDown. has learned that, following the attack, Mr. McMahon did not give comment and refused to be looked at by medical staff. Stay tuned to for more news on this situation as it develops.”