kevin owens

SmackDown Live currently features quite a few nice feuds that are sure to become entertaining rivalries. Even though Raw and SmackDown Live are doing battle against each other at Survivor Series there are still plenty of chances for in-fighting on each show.

Randy Orton recently took a cheap shot at Kevin Owens when he posted a picture of some not-so-healthy looking take-out food he was enjoying. Orton said he needed the calories because he was getting ready to face The Prizefighter. It was a clever little comment but some still saw it as a pretty low blow and nothing original in the slightest.

After all, Kevin Owens has never let his size stop him from being an agile and technically sound sports entertainer. Owens has also never had an issue shutting people down with his incredibly savvy retorts.

Owens responded to Orton by saying: “I’ve been preparing for a potential battle between us too, buddy. I watched paint dry today. I’ve got you all figured out.” He was obviously taking a jab at Randy Orton’s usual work rate of traditional pro wrestling followed by an RKO Outta Nowhere that some see as a throw-back style without the bells and whistles some modern-day pro wrestling brings to the table.

Now, if you’re going to rank burns on a scale from “bad dad joke” to “Michael Kelso” I can just hear Ashton Kutcher’s voice screaming “BURN!” in my head after I read Kevin Owens’ reply to Randy Orton’s initial shot.

Well played, KO.