kenny omega

A few months ago the stars of All Elite Wrestling introduced the world to the AEW Games division, and it was announced that an AEW console game is in development.

Fans are anxious to get their hands on a new wrestling game, and during an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT Kenny Omega indicated that the game could be released in the first quarter of 2022.

“I wouldn’t say years [away] plural. I would say in a perfect world, give it about a year’s time. We’re working really hard and we’re lucky to have two teams — one in America and one in Japan — working on this almost around the clock. We do know that time is of the essence, we can’t let this sit around forever and people want a game like yesterday [Laughs] so, we do want to release something as soon as we feel it’s ready and representative of what our brand should be and what will make fans happy.”

The current AEW World Champion stressed that the company wants to make sure that the game is completely ready when it’s launched, and he also noted that the goal is to make sure the game can handle new additions as well.

“As great as it is on launch, as our roster grows – let’s say we add a pay-per-view name, add a new arena, let’s say we sign whoever, anybody! – we want to be able to support those new additions as well. It’s gonna hopefully be what people are hoping for. Hopefully the new additions/update will be really prompt. That’s the plan anyway! So everyone can feel up to date with our roster and how AEW grows.”

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