the shield

For many years wrestling fans knew Jon Moxley as Dean Ambrose, and during his run with WWE he made a name for himself as a member of The Shield.

Without Jon Moxley around the idea of a Shield reunion seems like an impossibility, but while speaking with the State of Combat podcast Moxley was asked about a possible replacement.

When asked how he would feel if Baron Corbin replaced him as a member of The Shield, moxley replied, “Oh, that would amuse me to no end.”

The former WWE Champion was also asked if there’s any bad blood, or if he feels the need to show the company up and he said that’s not really his concern at this point.

“No, no. Not really. I don’t have any — especially now that it’s however long, six months later. I’m not motivated by any sort of, like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna show WWE,’ or ‘I’m gonna show them.’ I showed them, I had a great run there. I have nothing to prove to them. I kind of don’t care what they do, they can do whatever. Good luck to them, whatever, but I don’t have any of that chip on my shoulder as far as like, ‘I’ll show Vince!’ I honestly don’t have that. I feel like that would probably be just negative anyway. My energy is about creating new, positive things and just putting out pieces of work whether they be big or small. Having a good match, or good angle, or good promo, and then just enjoying myself and enjoying the fact that I don’t have to have a real job, that I get live my dream. That life’s been good to me and I just want to live in the moment, and really just enjoy that I get to be a pro wrestler, which is all I ever wanted to do.”

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