john morrison

John Morrison is a busy man. He’s been wrestling in Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo, he’s been working with various promotions around the world, and he’s also been promoting his movie “Boone The Bounty Hunter.”

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Morrison has been finding different ways to entertain the fans ever since he parted ways with WWE a few years ago. But since his departure fans have been wondering if he’ll ever return to WWE, and the former Intercontinental Champion told Wrestle:List that you can “never say never.”

“Well, right now I’m under contract with Lucha Underground. And I’m really happy with Lucha Underground. In my opinion it has the best wrestling on TV currently. Rey Mysterio, Fenix, Pentagon Jr, Son of Havoc, Angelico, PJ Black, Taya, Dragon Azteca, Brian Cage – the roster of Lucha Underground – the product – the polished one hour TV show is really cool for me. And it’s in Los Angeles, where I live, we’re shooting three of four months, and then taking time off during which I can do things like make movies, like with Bounty Hunter, and wrestle for promotions like Five Star Wrestling. So, right now I’m really happy with where I’m at. Will I go back to WWE? I don’t know. It’s what I grew up on and I always dreamt of headlining a Wrestlemania, and it’s one of the few things that I haven’t achieved that I dreamed of as a kid. Never say never in Wrestling.”

John Morrison is a crossover performer nowadays, but when asked to whether he prioritizes acting over wrestling or vice versa, he said it’s all about balance.

“I don’t think you have to pick one or the other. That’s one of the good things about doing what I’m doing now. I’m shooting a really cool project for Bat in the Sun, for Valiant, where I’m playing one of their characters called the Eternal Warrior. This weekend I’m wrestling, and then next weekend I’m doing more with Valiant and then that weekend I’m wrestling again. I’ve got a really good balance right now with both, and sometimes I end up doing more TV or film acting and sometimes I end up doing more wrestling.”

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