john cena

For many years John Cena has been the face of the WWE, but now he’s spending most of his time focusing on his film career. Cena is trying new things, and he recently took to Twitter to say that he’s been stepping out of his comfort zone. According to Cena, he’s been trying a new program thanks to Jackie Chan, and he’s dropped 18 pounds.

Cena is working with Jackie Chan on a movie called “Project X” and a few weeks ago he talked about taking on the role at Shanghai International Film Festival.

“I was looking for something exciting,” Cena said via THR. “I’ve often been typecast as a WWE wrestler, so it was often difficult to do action as the typecast kind of prevented that. After having some fun with comedy, I read this story — the plot was great, the action was great, the twists were amazing and keep getting better. Now there is also some lighthearted fun, which I’m very happy about.”