John Cena and Nikki Bella shocked the world when their storybook romance seemed to fall apart. For whatever reason, the pro wrestling power couple just couldn’t make it work… or did they? It might be wishful thinking but the idea is apparently out there that John Cena and Nikki Bella’s romance could still be a real thing.

Mike Johnson opened up on PW Insider Elite audio about the possibility that John Cena and Nikki Bella’s breakup is less than legit. Apparently, Johnson has heard mutterings that the entire breakup could be a way to get attention on the verge of another season of Total Bellas.

The next season is reportedly centering around the breakup and apparently, Cena had to come back and actually film their breakup for the show. Try not to be too shocked by the news something on reality television is staged. But maybe the entire situation could be arranged as well because they are good actors after all.

“Speaking of Cena, I want to go back to the Backlash stuff. I have heard some rumblings that your theory may be correct about this entire situation being a work. I don’t have enough to report it or anything but there have definitely been some people who mutter, who have been whispering similar concerns. So you might be onto something there. So, I’m just telling you that if it comes out that this was a work, I am giving you credit now that you were the first one to call it.”

“They were together before the whole Total Divas began and then they had to ask John if he would do the show. He always did it because he said it was good for her and good for the company. But announcing that they had broken up just a few weeks before Total Bellas debuts — certainly that’s a lot of free publicity leading into the new season. With WWE in the middle of doing television negotiations, so lets show NBC Universal how worthwhile our reality show are for them — and their ratings have been down compared to previous seasons.”

Johnson did say that he didn’t have enough information to report on the matter so possibly his source was just repeating speculative hearsay. But it would still be a very interesting turn of events if John Cena and Nikki Bella are actually pulling the wool over our eyes by faking a life-changing and dramatic breakup.

Quotes thanks to PW Insider Elite audio and Ringside News for the transcription

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