jinder mahal

Jinder Mahal is The Modern Day Maharaja which means money from the Indian fan base. He has represented his people proudly as WWE Champion and holds the title high above his head in victory, regardless of how he is able to score the win.

WWE is gearing up for a tour of India in December and recently announced dates to travel through India with WWE’s Red Team. Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers are also advertised for the tour even though it’s a Raw brand house show tour.

But it’s no surprise WWE is bringing Jinder Mahal and his buddies along, after all, it wouldn’t make much sense to push a champion because they want Indian influence and leave him out of the tour when they go to India.

But there might be some growing chinks in Jinder Mahal’s seemingly impenetrable armor. The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Jinder Mahal is currently dealing with a shoulder injury. While it’s not known what the extent of his injury is, it’s obvious WWE doesn’t want a lot of attention being placed on their possibly damaged World Champion.

Mahal’s shoulder is taped up on most nights for house shows, but not for television. WWE probably doesn’t want it getting out there that India’s Hero could be hurt at this time. If Mahal needs some kind of surgery it is likely he’ll put it off until after the December tour of his homeland (even though he’s Canadian).

It’s not known how injured his shoulder is or if he’ll even need surgery because the extent of the damage is being kept so close to the vest, but it was noted a shoulder injury has been bothering Mahal.

It’s never a good thing when your champion is working through an injury, especially if WWE has to keep it hidden to protect their investment. After all, WWE has put a lot of time and money into building up The Modern Day Maharaja and Mahal doesn’t have time for an injury at this point.