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This is something you really hate to hear. Even though Jeff Hardy isn’t currently on the active roster and he’s rehabbing an injury it’s said he’s nearing the date when he’ll be cleared to compete once more. But this could be a little bit of a setback for sure. Because The Charismatic Egnima was arrested on Saturday night.

PW Insider confirmed Jeff Hardy was arrested on Saturday night while driving in Concord, North Carolina for driving while impaired.

According to the Cabarrus County Sherriff’s Office, the 40-year-old sports entertainer was arrested at 10:20 PM on March 10th on Concord Pkwy South. He was held for a little over an hour until he was eventually released at 11:24 PM. At this point, there are still no details concerning the situation surrounding his release or what exactly led to his arrest.

On top of the DWI charge, Jeff Hardy was also hit with a 30-day pretrial revocation of his driver’s license meaning he is no longer allowed to legally drive. This is a very bad thing for a pro wrestler who needs to be able to travel around to make towns.

Jeff Hardy has been out of action since September when he finally went under the knife to repair a torn rotator cuff that he had been wrestling on for a while at that point. Now it looks like he’ll have this new situation to worry about as well.

It’s a real shame that Hardy is dealing with this and hopefully, it isn’t a sign that he’s slipped back into some previous life choices because he was doing very well for a while and a lot of people noticed a huge difference in not only his overall demeanor but his work quality as well. Hopefully, he’ll be ready for a WWE return soon and can come back with new clarity. But in the meantime, he better rely on others to get him around.

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