renee young

It has been common knowledge for the past few years that Renee Young and Dean Ambrose have been in a relationship outside of WWE. That being said, their relationship has never been mentioned on TV, so the members of the WWE Universe have never deemed it to be relevant.

The duo plays a key role in the latest series of Total Divas and it seems that WWE is now open to bringing Renee Young into some of Dean’s storylines on SmackDown Live.

Last night on SmackDown Renee Young was interviewing The Miz after his victory over Apollo Crews and she asked him about his obsession with Dean Ambrose (whom he attacked last Tuesday night) Miz replied that Renee was the one with the obsession because she was the one sleeping with him.

Renee looked visibly shocked and reacted by slapping the taste out of Miz’s mouth, she later apologised on Talking Smack and stated that she knew that she shouldn’t have put her hands on a WWE Superstar, but Miz crossed a line so she was also forced to cross the line.

Daniel told Renee that there was no need to apologise, especially not to him, who has had an on-going issue with The Miz over the past few months.

It is now thought that Renee could well be the equaliser in The Miz’s feud with Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship. Over the past few months, Maryse has been the reason that Miz has walked out as Champion so many times, so what would happen if Maryse was neutralised?

Maryse wasn’t there when Renee Young hit Miz because she was sent to the back, but it could be an interesting scenario if WWE decided to bring Renee into the fold.

The WWE Universe know that the duo is together, so there is no reason now to keep them apart, whilst Renee has no actual wrestling training, she could still play a key role in the feud.

Maryse hasn’t wrestled for a number of years either, so it is unlikely that this would ever lead to a female match of any kind, but given that both women can cut promos, it could be an interesting scenario.

Dean Ambrose has been accused of becoming boring over the past few months, and after he was forced to drop his WWE Championship to AJ Styles, he has been part of a comedy storyline attempt with James Ellsworth and Styles.

This could be WWE’s way of attempting to freshen up Dean Ambrose by giving him a partner to bounce off for a while. It must be hard to be the only member of The Shield who hasn’t reunited on Raw, which means that WWE needs to come up with something interesting for him.

This does co-inside with Total Divas and much like Natalya¬†and Nikki’s feud, it would be an inventive way of promoting the show as well. Maryse and The Miz are also on the show and it has been made apparent that Renee is good friends with The Bella Twins so she was not happy that Maryse was bad mouthing them in early episodes.

This could easily be turned into a much more tense situation than it is and it could then involve both couples and give their feud much more meaning.

If it takes Dean Ambrose having Renee Young in his corner to not only neutralise Maryse¬†but to help him with the Intercontinental Championship again, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Obviously, it isn’t likely that this will be a long-running saga, because Renee Young has hosting duties to do on pre-shows before pay-per-views and on Talking Smack after SmackDown, but if WWE wanted to involve her again in some way, it would be a great way to freshen Ambrose’s character up and see how different he is when his girlfriend is put in danger.

It would easily make his feud about something much more personal, since is has really just been made out of the fact that Miz can’t go after AJ and Ambrose has already faced AJ too many times. It would also be a great way to finally take the title away from The Miz, which would be a win/win situation for SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan.