big cass

Big Cass was pulled from his Money in the Bank qualifying match with Samoa Joe on SmackDown Live last week, and it was reported that he was seen walking with a limp backstage.

PWInsider is now reporting that Big Cass is back on the road with WWE this week, so whatever type of potential injury he’s dealing with won’t prevent him from traveling with the company.

WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan recently spoke to The Sun about various topics, and during the interview he revealed that he got the name “Hacksaw” from his football days.

“It’s actually from my football days. I used to hack my way through the wedge. So we tried Hacksaw and it kind of stuck. People are like, ‘You’re Hacksaw Duggan and you carry a 2×4.’ I’m like, ‘It’s wrestling, it doesn’t have to make sense.’”