The fans in Edmonton were pumped to not only see a night of WWE action, but also welcome their Canadian hero, Natayla. Nattie’s been getting some press in Canada recently, and there was no shortage of love for the Queen Of Harts even though she’s supposed to be a heel.

James Ellsworth was also excited for Edmonton because he got to see his “boo” again.

Tamina Snuka shocked the Edmonton crowd as she returned to action with Natalya as her tag-team partner against Carmella and Alexa Bliss. Even though Naomi is the newly crowned Smackdown Women’s Champion, she didn’t make the trip.

Kalisto was in a match against Baron Corbin at the event, and although he didn’t defeat The Lone Wolf, at least one fan in attendance captured his “dirty little secret” for all to see. We just love how they captured the video in slow motion as well to catch Kalisto in all of his hidden trampoline glory.

Heath Slater and Rhyno defeated The Ascension early on in the night and one amazing fan captured the gore for all of us to see. There are plenty of superstars who use the spear as their finisher, but there’s only one gore.

Dean Ambrose successfully defended his Intercontinental Title in the main event of the evening against AJ Styles and The Miz. Even though Maryse was at ringside, she still couldn’t help her hubby win that pretty white belt back.

The main event of the evening also featured a total WTF spot, and we’re not going to attempt to explain it to you so we’re just going to leave the video here and let you see for yourself.

There were a few more excellent social media posts from the Edmonton show. Instead of squeezing them in the article above, we’re going to post them below because you’re awesome and totally deserve it for visiting Still Real To Us today.