hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior are two of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling, and throughout the course of their careers they had their differences. But before Warrior passed, they sorted everything out, and Hogan recently took to Twitter to say that he truly believes Warrior forgave him when they came face to face in 2014.

A fan then asked who, or what, made Hogan question what Warrior said to him, and Hogan said that it had to do with someone close to Warrior, but also noted that it doesn’t matter.

Austin Aries has been on a roll since leaving WWE, and he’s become known for his ever growing collection of belts.

Friday night Aries added another belt to his collection when he defeated Shane Strickland to win the Defy Championship, and he posted the following after his big victory:

“Last night continued to prove why I love being a #prowrestler doing #prowrestling right now. @defynw has something cool going on in the NW right now. Well run, good locker room, and a legion of rowdy, loyal fans. Some weren’t happy how I swerved “Swerve” @stricklandshane, but sometimes that’s what it takes to beat a top talent and stay #TheBeltCollector. Thank you @defynw and it’s fans for a really fun night. See you soon. Time to celebrate 🎉”