There has been speculation for a number of weeks now that Daniel Bryan could be leaving his role as General Manager of SmackDown Live and that he could be being replaced by his sister-in-law Nikki Bella.

It seems that this became more than just speculation last night as Total Divas returned for its season seven premiere and Nikki Bella was seen actively pursuing the chance to become an authority figure.

Many fans have suggested over the past few months that Daniel Bryan no longer looks like the right fit for the job on SmackDown Live and with his WWE contract running out next year, it is thought that the former World Champion now wants to leave the company to resume his wrestling duties on the independent circuit. The storyline with Nikki Bella is expected to run throughout Total Divas until the end of January and chronicle her pursuit of the position currently held by her sister’s husband.

The former Divas Champion has just been eliminated from Dancing With The Stars so she could now be looking at a return to the company where she first found fame. Nikki tried a short stint as an in-ring performer earlier this year, but it seems that her neck injury is preventing her from returning in that role full time.

This could be the perfect way to get Nikki Bella back on-screen and for WWE to further prove that the Women’s Revolution is continuing. SmackDown has a competitive division for the women right now and adding Nikki in there as an authority figure could be an idea that WWE is keen to pursue.