The AEW Revolution pay-per-view is set to air live next month, and on this week’s episode of Dynamite the AEW World Championship match was announced.

During the show a Jon Moxley promo aired and he said that he still has Kenny Omega in his crosshairs, and that he’s still coming for the AEW World Title. After the main event The Good Brothers ambushed Jon Moxley as Kenny Omega made his entrance.

Omega told Moxley that he doesn’t look so tough as The Good Brothers held his arms. He showed Jon Moxley a contract from Tony Khan granting him a rematch clause, but Kenny said that this time he will pick the stipulation.

Kenny Omega then announced that he will defend the AEW World Title against Jon Moxley in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. Omega then told Moxley that his time on this Earth is limited, and Moxley headbutted him. The Good Brothers then beat Moxley down as Kenny Omega hit him with a V-Trigger.

The AEW Revolution pay-per-view will air on Sunday, March 7. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.