They say that anything can happen when you watch Monday Night Raw, and some fans were very surprised when they tuned in last week to see Ric Flair cost his daughter Charlotte her match. After the match there was some debate as to whether or not Flair had done it on purpose, and Charlotte berated him while telling him to stay out of her business.

This week on Monday Night Raw Charlotte faced Lacey Evans, and she was not happy when Ric Flair made a surprise appearance and came down to the ringside area.

At one point Charlotte pinned Lacey Evans after Natural Selection, but Ric Flair grabbed Lacey’s leg and put it on the ropes then pointed it out to the referee. Charlotte looked furious as Ric Flair told her he’s not staying home.

Charlotte yelled at him as she tried to suplex Lacey Evans from the apron back into the ring, and Ric Flair grabbed her leg. Lacey then fell on Charlotte and Ric held Charlotte’s leg so Lacey could get the pin.

After the match Ric Flair celebrated with Lacey.

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