jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy's birth name is...

When did Jeff Hardy win a WWE Slammy Award?

At what event did Jeff Hardy win his first WWE Championship?

How many times did Jeff Hardy win the TNA World Championship?

How old was Jeff Hardy when he wrestled his first WWE match?

Who did Jeff Hardy defeat to win the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship?

How many matches has Jeff Hardy won at WrestleMania?

How many times has Jeff Hardy won the WWE Intercontinental Championship?

Which one of these names is not one of Jeff Hardy's alter-egos?

Who was the first person Jeff Hardy defended his WWE Championship against after he won the belt?

What year did Jeff make his TNA debut?

What is the name of Jeff's band?

Who was Jeff Hardy's first opponent in WWE?

How many times did Jeff hold the WWE Hardcore Championship?

What year did Jeff Hardy make his ROH debut?