The pro wrestling business is a lot of fun but it’s still a business. When you boil it down, everything revolves around money and The Bullet Club has a lot of it. It’s pretty much assumed that they’re doing well seeing how they can’t keep BC merch on the shelves at Hot Topic, but how well are they really doing?

Dave Meltzer said in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that The Bullet Club sold the most at Hot Topic over Thanksgiving week. In fact, The Young Bucks merchandise sold more than Rick & Morty for the first time in the process which is a huge deal because that show is insanely popular.

Bleacher Report Senior Writer Jonathan Snowden posed a simple query out in cyberspace when he said if The Bullet Club were selling so many t-shirts at Hot Topic then they would announce a number of how much money they’ve made. He made some allusion to whether people were being misled and he received a response straight from the source.

It turns out Bullet Club merchandise has sold 417,430 units in the past four months and that number came from One Hour Tees themselves, the fine people behind where you can also buy our awesome Still Real To Us merchandise perfect for any holiday gift.

Now let’s break this down a bit. Assuming the BC boys have a royalty rate around $7.50 per $25 shirt (which could be lowballing things) that still comes to $3,130,725. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega likely get more due to the fact their merchandise sells the most but assuming this number is divided equally between every member of The Elite, that is still $521,787.50 which is a considerable amount of money.

If you consider the fact that the Bullet Club is making that much money on their own, it’s no wonder why they might not be too eager to make a WWE jump just yet.

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