The latest WWE Slam Crate came in today and as with all things powered by Loot Crate, it is awesome. “The Masters Of The Mic” crate did not disappoint in the slightest. Their next crate is “Stables,” and if you want to get in on that awesomeness, you need to subscribe before June 15th.

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Let’s get right to business here because there was plenty of great exclusive merchandise included in this Slam Crate.

Drinking Glasses

If you’ve ever wanted a WWE microphone in the palm of your hand then today’s your lucky day. These sturdy glasses aren’t actually glass at all. They’re plastic which makes them even more durable. This BPA free drinking glass set includes two cups with different microphone designs on them. Whether you want to rock an official WWE microphone or represent like Enzo and Big Cass, Slam Crate has you covered.

Title Belt Pin

Brock Lesnar is the current WWE Universal Champion and he doesn’t show up on television very often. But who needs Brock Lesnar when you can have your very own Universal Championship pin? Slam Crate carries on their excellent tradition of WWE title belt pins with a Universal Title replica that is sure to make anyone jealous of your backpack (or wherever you put the pin). The back of the pin has two holders so you can make sure wherever you decide to put your pin, it will stay there. These title belt pins excite us because it’s one of the things fans have been looking for, and now Slam Crate is finally giving it to us.

Finn Balor Shirt

The “Masters Of The Mic” Slam Crate comes with an exclusive Finn Balor t-shirt. It’s hard to imagine a Finn Balor shirt that’s cooler than this one. It’s right on time too as Finn is emerging on the Raw roster as one of the top competitors of the red brand. The front has an awesome design, and the back says “Finn Balor” in big letters across the shoulders. This shirt is epic and just might be the best one Slam Crate has put out so far. That’s saying a lot too because Slam Crate has yet to disappoint.

Exclusive “Masters Of The Mic” Book

This Slam Crate came with something special for those of you who read. Hopefully that’s all of you because you’re reading this. The Masters Of The Mic book details many superstars who have laid down a reputation of being microphone technicians. From Roddy Piper to The Rock, this book includes stunning pictures and details about some of WWE’s most memorable superstars. This Slam Crate also features a huge poster of The Rock in all of his trash talking glory.

Exclusive Stone Cold Steve Austin Figure

Whether you’re a fan of The Rattlesnake or not, you have to be impressed by this figure. Slam Crate started off their exclusive figure series out with a bang on this one. The details on this figure are insane. From his Texas tattoo to the rattlesnake on the back of his vest, they got this thing down to near perfect detail. It comes with a stand that you have to put together, but it’s very simple. With beer can in hand and a mean mug on his face Stone Cold looks tough. Now you can yell “oh hell yeah!” whenever you see this fantastic figure.