Over the weekend, Paige was the latest celebrity victim of an online hacking scandal that released several photos and a few videos from her private life. The scandal is being called “Paigegate” by some, and many people believe it could lead to her release from WWE.

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There is no question that the scandal has influenced the WWE Universe’s opinion of her, but WWE firing her over the leaks would be a bad idea because she didn’t technically do anything wrong. WWE officials punishing her or even releasing her doesn’t seem likely at this point.

It’s been reported by the Wrestling Observer that the one thing saving Paige’s job with WWE and from more serious punishment is the “Fighting With My Family” movie currently being produced by The Rock on her and her family. Because of that, it’s in WWE’s best interest to support her during the scandal.

WWE would receive a lot of bad press if they were to release Paige after the scandal, but they would also lose the rub from the movie. She isn’t expected to return to WWE television until late April at the earliest, so the scandal should blow over by then.