Last year Emma was sidelined due to an injury, and while she was out of action WWE developed a new gimmick for her to use upon her return. In the fall of 2016, WWE began airing vignettes for the debut of Emmalina, which was supposed to be a new version of Emma who seemed to be much more focused on her looks than her in ring ability.

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The debut became one of the biggest running jokes in all of professional wrestling, as the “coming soon” vignettes aired for months and months and months. Every once in a while one of the vignettes would advertise Emmalina’s debut on Raw for the following week, and then she wouldn’t show up.

It was like a running joke that fans grew tired of because the company kept teasing the debut for so long, and just when people couldn’t have cared any less Emmalina finally arrived on Raw.

After months of anticipation, Emmalina made her way to the stage and cut a promo declaring that she had trolled us all, and she planned to transform back into Emma.

It was a whole lot of waiting for a whole lot of nothing, and although we’ve seen quite a few Emma matches over the years, we never did get to see Emmalina in the ring.

Luckily a photo of Emmalina’s ring gear has surfaced online, and now we know what the character would have looked like when she was in action.


Although things didn’t work out the first time around, it seems that company officials are trying to recreate the gimmick with Lana who is set to join the SmackDown women’s division at some point in the future, so it should be interesting to see how that works out.