If you love The Hardy Boyz, then this is a great video to watch. Matt and Jeff were backstage at a WWE live show in Belfast Northern Ireland when they got a chance to watch an Instagram story WWE put up about them.

It’s awesome to see how casually they watch the moments that got our blood pumping so hard. Jeff Hardy commented about his 32-foot Swanton Bomb on Randy Orton by saying, “that was pretty aggressive.” Yeah, we’d pick a few more words to describe it, but aggressive works.

When Jeff Hardy first appeared for WWE, he was 16-years-old and had to lie about his age. Now him and his brother Matt are seasoned veterans and have been a part of some of the coolest moments in pro wrestling history.

It is so cool to see Matt’s face as he watches himself win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Jeff’s expression when he sees himself pick up the WWE Championship is also priceless. That was a big moment indeed.

We know Matt Hardy has spent the last good bit of his career as the hyped up Broken Matt character. But it’s still really strange to just see him being so chill.

Matt Hardy comments on Miz saying “he’s come a long ways” as he watches footage of himself winning the first-ever WWE Scramble Match. Of course, The Ultimate Thrill Ride at WrestleMania 33 made the highlight reel. The Hardy Boyz looked very proud of that moment, and they should be.

The Hardy Boyz have definitely stood the test of time to solidify themselves as two formidable forces in WWE. It’s always fun to take a stroll down memory lane. The Hardy Boyz have certainly given us plenty of unforgettable memories and we’re really glad they shared another moment with us. We’re sure there are more to come.