Ever since it was announced that Goldberg would be a part of WWE video game 2K17, speculation has been heating up about the former superstar making an in-ring return to the company.

There have been many on-line reports that have already been revealed as fake since Goldberg failed to show up at Clash of Champions back in September as the internet speculated and has also failed to be a part of any WWE shows when he has been rumoured to appear.

But finally, it seems that WWE officials have been in talks with Goldberg himself and have come to an agreement with the heavyweight to make a return to the company as soon as next month.

It seems that WWE want Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg to happen at Survivor Series in November because that is the closest dual brand pay-per-view after the release date of 2K17 on October 11th. This would then allow the company to maximise on the advertisement for the game and would see more fans tune in for the last dual brand pay-per-view of the year.

Apparently, this rematch from WrestleMania 20 is reported to only be a one-off match with Goldberg not schedule for any other WWE appearances and has been planned by WWE for many months even though Brock’s next match was reported to have not being until The Royal Rumble.

The match has been prepared for the last few weeks but WWE still didn’t have an opponent for Lesnar until this past week when Goldberg finally agreed to appear. Apparently, there is also a lot of negative feeling about Goldberg following his first run in WWE, but WWE are still hopeful with going forward with the match.

The match happening in November also allows the WWE 2K17 game to be promoted at the height of holiday season which in-turn will see WWE cash-in much better than any other method of promotion.

With the likes of Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose and even John Cena currently reported to be unavailable for Survivor Series, WWE needs to pull it out of the bag for the second and final dual brand event of the year. This pay-per-view is what the Brand Split was created for and will prove if the latest brand extension will be a success.

Goldberg recently appeared on ESPN and teased a return to WWE by stating that at 49-years-old he could still go in the ring. He said that he has changed and started a family since he left WWE and now he wants his son to be able to see his father wrestle, even if it is only in video game form.

He said that he would like to allow his son to see him as The Guy in WWE again and even talked about potential opponents. He said that he doesn’t owe Lesnar a rematch but a match with The Beast Incarnate is certainly an option. He said he would have to do a lot of training before confirming it and to ‘Give him to the end of the year for god sake.’

Goldberg is being coy about a match with Brock Lesnar now that a deal is on the table but over the past few months, he has been posting videos online that are said to be provoking the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. One of these videos showed Goldberg blowing his nose on a Brock Lesnar shirt, which then began speculation online that Goldberg was already setting up a match with Lesnar all on his own.

After all of the build-up, it seems WWE is finally prepared to have this match take place but the worrying part is whether or not it will live up to the hype. Much like many matches that the WWE Universe have been forced to wait on, some of these fail to live up to the hype.

With all the negativity surrounding Goldberg’s return to WWE it is hard to imagine that he won’t be nervous after spending so long away and having to get back into shape. Obviously, Brock has become known as a wrestler who strikes hard in the ring so Goldberg will definitely know that he is in a fight when he steps in the ring with The Beast.