Nowadays when wrestling fans think of Edge and Christian, they think of their numerous WWE Tag Team Title runs, or the many things that they both accomplished throughout their singles careers. But there was once a time when Edge and Christian spent their time hanging out with Gangrel as members of The Brood.

The Brood was a unique stable that wore gothic style clothing and did some very strange things. They tried their best to convince people they were vampires by covering their opponents in blood, and they also had some pretty creepy entrance music.

Not only was their music creepy, but it also had a secret hidden message. Gangrel recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV about The Brood’s entrance music, and he explained how fans can hear the hidden message, and what it says.

“If you have the right skills and technology to play it backwards, the guy who did the music, Jim Johnston was a big Beatles fan, so it says ‘I buried Paul, walk with me.'”

Gangrel also opened up about the blood he prefers to use while making his entrance, and he clarified that he prefers his blood to be minty fresh.

“I’m particular about my blood, I like a zesty mint. It’s stage blood, but it’s a zesty mint. I won’t use anything but a zesty mint. When I’m shipping it in, I’ll pay the extra $5 just to make sure it’s the zesty mint. As a vampire, I always have some fresh breath.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc