gail kim

Impact Wrestling is full of hungry female talent ready to make a name for themselves in the world of pro wrestling. There are also a couple women currently in the Knockouts Division who have already more than proven themselves to be great sports entertainers.

Gail Kim is an Impact Wrestling Hall Of Famer and just her WWE career alone landed her in the history books after becoming the WWE Women’s Champion during her debut match with the company. She later went to Impact Wrestling and then back to WWE and back to TNA once again. But it looks like she’s an Impact Knockout and that’s the way it’s going to stay for the foreseeable future.

Although the 40-year-old Kim might be retiring from in-ring competition soon, she’ll always have her eye on the Knockouts Division that Impact Wrestling has to offer.

Riju from Sportskeeda recently spoke to Gail Kim and she revealed what member of the Knockouts Division she thought would be next to join her in the Impact Hall Of Fame.

“Well, the first thought that comes to my mind obviously is Awesome Kong. I have nothing but the deepest respect for her. We just had unbelievable chemistry, unbelievable deep respect for one another to this day. She was my partner throughout. Fans will come up to me. Sometimes I think back and am like, wow, that was ten years ago.”

She also added although it happened so long ago, people still remember it to this day which is a very cool feeling.

“For the fact that fans still love it and remember it, that’s what’s special to both of us.”

The Impact Knockouts surpassed what WWE was offering by a long shot for a very good stretch of time. While WWE was still going for eye candy, the Knockouts were living up to their name by the way they were performing in the ring.

Gail Kim was a huge part of that during her days as a full-time competitor and so was Awesome Kong. It would be pretty cool for both of them to receive the recognition they deserve for all the work they put into making the Knockouts Division something special to watch.