Paige is the current SmackDown Live General Manager, and she seems to be in a pretty good place in her life right now.

But prior to Paige’s WWE return in 2017, the former Divas Champion found herself in several controversial situations, one of which involved her sex tape leaking on the internet.

Paige has managed to move on and overcome the negative attention that she received due to the release of the tape, but former WWE Superstar Sid Vicious noted during an interview with Hannibal TV that he thinks she should have been fired.

“I think it’s the stupidest thing, but again, it goes to how the business is,” Sid said via Wrestling Inc. “When the business is down like it is, they’ll OK things like that when this is the time you don’t OK something like that.”

“Usually it says to me that [WWE is] having a hard time business-wise. After that, I wouldn’t have her on my show. I would’ve fired her immediately‚Ķ I don’t have nothing against her. I don’t have anything against any man or woman wanting to do things, but don’t do it in public like that.”

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