A few years ago Damien Sandow managed to get himself over with the fans and become one of the most popular stars in all of WWE.

Unfortunately WWE decided to release him in 2016, and later that year he made his Impact Wrestling debut as Aron Rex.

However, in 2017 he announced that he was no longer with Impact Wrestling, and he took a break from the world of professional wrestling to focus on acting.

What’s next for the former Damien Sandow remains to be seen, but he recently took to Instagram to tease that he’ll be making a very special announcement on Friday when he posted the following:

“I have a very special announcement that I will share with you all this Friday. I can’t thank you enough for the support. Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day.”

Brandi Rhodes recently underwent surgery after she broke her collarbone while working in Japan, but it looks like recovery is going well.

A fan recently asked Rhodes when she will be returning to the ring, and she confirmed that she’ll be teaming up with Flip Gordon in New Jersey in 2 weeks.