There are some wrestlers who end up spending a great deal of time working for WWE, and there are other wrestlers who only work with the company for a few years, or less before they move on. But one former WWE Superstar feels that he has unfinished business, and he’s teasing that he could be making a comeback.

Ted DiBiase Jr. recently posted a video on Twitter promoting “The Price Of Fame” documentary about his father, but he also responded to fans who want to see him return. While talking about a possible return, the former Legacy member teased that it could come in the near future, or down the road.

“I feel like I’ve got some unfinished business with my legacy, and people have asked me, ‘Would you ever go back?’ Well, I’ve said never say never. So, I’m saying never say never, and I’m letting you that there may be a chance in the very near future, or down the road that I can make my comeback. So, I’m leaving you with that tidbit of information. Let me know if you want me back, because I’d love to be back. Potentially. Maybe. It could happen.”

What do you think, is it time for Ted DiBiase Jr. to make a comeback?