Ricardo Rodriguez became known to the WWE Universe a few years ago when he was unveiled as the personal ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio.

He was later suspended for his first failure of WWE’s Wellness Policy, before he made his return to WWE as the ring announcer for Rob Van Dam, something that never really fit for either star.

Rodriguez left WWE in 2014 when he was part of a batch of WWE releases and began applying his trade on the independent circuit instead. It seems that the former manager, announcer and talent has decided to hang up his wrestling boots for good now, as he made the announcement on his Facebook page that he was instead going to turn his attention to teaching.

 He wrote: ““So I have decided to hang up the boots and just train/teach. I’m better at that, anyways, plus real life is getting in the way.”

Since leaving WWE Rodriguez has been the head trainer at The Great Khali’s wrestling school in India and it seems that this is where his taste for training has come from.

“I was training at the Great Khali’s academy over there, which is actually the official school in India.

“I had 23 students, but, at the time I was done, I had 100. It was just me by myself.”

“So, basically, I was training from nine o’clock in the morning ’til like nine o’clock at night, with about an hour between for lunch.”