The Wyatt Family are without a doubt one of the more memorable stables of the last decade, and over the years there were some interesting rumors regarding possible members being added to the group.

Former WWE star Viktor of The Ascension recently joined the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, and he recalled his early days in NXT. He noted that he suffered a few minor injuries early on, and that he suffered a knee injury during a triple threat match with Seth Rollins and Adam Rose.

According to Viktor after the injury there was a period of time where he was considered for The Wyatt Family.

“And I remember my knee just suddenly gave out when I went to stand up and finish the match. And it was such a good match. It was really good. We had so much fun. I just remember somebody being like, ‘It was so much fun.’ I go, ‘Yeah, I’m not walking out of here,’ and so then after that, it was kind of a weird scramble where I was almost in The Wyatt Family for a little while.”

“And then after that got shut down, Hunter (Triple H), under the suggestion of Norman Smiley who had been saying it for years and Billy Kidman who said, ‘Hey Vic should be in The Ascension.’ That’s kind of how that happened. NXT had already kind of formed, but we were still in Tampa. We hadn’t moved to Orlando yet.”

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