This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw gave fans some interesting reasons to talk about the show, but some of them were unintended.

At one point during the show Seth Rollins brawled with Finn Balor, and after Seth left Balor laying in the ring he was attacked by a fan as he made his way to the back. The fan tacked Rollins, but Seth got the fan into a headlock as he waited for security to arrive and break it up.

Former WWE star Chavo Guerrero reacted to the fan attack by questioning the toughness of wrestlers when he posted the following:

“Remember when the wrestlers were tougher than the fans? Ah, the good ol’ days. Man shrugging”

The tweet received a lot of backlash, and Guerrero issued an apology when he followed up with a tweet saying, “That got out of hand quickly.Instead of deleting,I will own it & say no disrespect to @WWERollins I have had many agree&many disagree.Only comes from love of this Biz that has feed my fam for 85 yrs.The fact is,Seth should have never been put in that position in the first place.”

Stay tuned for updates.