Injuries aren’t something that any wrestler wants to deal with, but on the bright side injuries are often something that wrestlers can recover from. However, some injuries end careers, and it looks like a former WWE Champion is currently dealing with a career threatening injury.

Sheamus recently spent some time in Ireland after WWE’s recent European tour, and it was believed that he was simply taking time off to spend time in his home country, but the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that he was actually rehabbing spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is a pretty serious issue as it’s what ended the careers of WWE Hall of Famers Edge and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Sheamus recently confirmed during a video on his YouTube channel that he is indeed dealing with neck issues, and he’s been dealing with them for six months.

“Training and all is great, but you need to recover. The most important thing is recovery. For the last six months I’ve been dealing with serious stenosis — neck issues.”

There’s no telling what the future will hold with an injury like this, but hopefully a little rehabbing has helped Sheamus feel better as he was in action on Monday Night Raw this week and The Bar successfully defended their Raw Tag Team Titles against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.