wwe 2k19

WWE 2K19 is set to be released in October, and this year current WWE Champion AJ Styles will be on the cover of the game. Being the cover Superstar has its perks, and Styles recently unveiled the first screenshot from the upcoming game which can be seen below.

Eddie Edwards recently spoke with Fightful, and during the interview he was asked about a possible Wolves reunion.

Edwards went on to say that he thinks Davey Richards will eventually return to the ring, and he’s not ruling out a possible reunion with his former tag team partner.

“I do, I do, you know, we text each other here and there–try to keep up with what’s he doing. He’s doing well, he’s in school right now and, he’s killing it in school and trying to be a doctor and all that stuff so, my hat’s off to him as always. He’s always given the cliche 110% in everything he’s done whether its wrestling or his job and he’s doing that right now.” Edwards continued, “Well I’d say its for the time being [Richards being away from the ring]. I don’t think he’s done. I think he just wanted to take some time off, heal his body. I know he got some injuries taken care of, kinda heal his body, go through school and handle that and put all of his focus on that because everybody kinda gets burned out and especially when we’re trying to do too many things–you know a lot of things outside so I just think he wanted to put all of his focus on that. But I think he’ll be back and I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Wolves back somewhere. Somewhere, someplace down the line.”