WrestleMania is the Grandest Stage of Them All and the show usually comes complete with an elaborate set. This year’s show is no exception, as WWE went all out to construct a massive set worthy of the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” moniker.

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All week long fans in the Orlando, Florida area have been trying to sneak a peak at the WrestleMania 33 set, and some fans even went as far as to fly drones over the stadium. But now WWE has released an official video of The New Day showing off the stage, and it lives up to the hype.

You can check out the video below and just know that it’s full of pyro. Lot’s of pyro.

Friday night former WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page officially became a WWE Hall of Famer. Page was inducted by Eric Bischoff, and both Bischoff and Page mentioned that they wish the legendary Dusty Rhodes could have been in attendance.

Unfortunately Dusty is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. The American Dream had a huge impact on DDP’s career, and he continues to influence the stars of today. Backstage after his speech DDP talked a little bit about what made Dusty so special, and you can see what he had to say below.