sami zayn

Many people believe Sami Zayn deserves a better position on WWE television. Fans of NXT know his potential to be a top babyface for the company, but he hasn’t earned that spot on the main roster. However, he’s been given a chance recently to elevate his status as a face.

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In light of injuries to Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, the powers that be have been forced to push Zayn in their stead. It’s been great exposure for him, and he continues to impress the WWE Universe, but it’s clear now that he’s just been a placeholder and his run is coming to an end.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Finn Balor is returning to WWE television, and he could be returning as soon as tonight’s edition of Raw. Chris Jericho has finally turned babyface, and Rollins will be back sooner rather than later. All of these things will force WWE to cancel Sami Zayn’s push.

Many people believe that Sami Zayn would do much better on SmackDown. It’s plausible he will be moved to the brand at some point in 2017, but Zayn doesn’t have a confirmed match for WrestleMania 33, so that is the more pressing issue as the event gets closer by the day.