There are a lot of things that can stop a WWE Superstar’s momentum in its tracks. A rape allegation a certainly one of the heaviest things you can claim against someone so when Enzo Amore was accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a young woman, WWE didn’t take any chances and he was suspended immediately. It didn’t take long for Enzo Amore to be released from WWE and they didn’t even wish him the best in his future endeavors either.

But now Enzo Amore has plenty to celebrate because the investigation against him is closed. The police weren’t able to find enough evidence to prosecute him and he was never charged with anything.

To make matters even more interesting in this situation, it was said by Amore’s attorney that Enzo wasn’t even notified of any investigation against him until it all broke out online. So essentially he heard about that at the same time we did.

But now Enzo is free and clear of any allegations and loving life in the process. He’s back to his usual self, hanging out backstage at concerts and rubbing elbows with celebrities. He also plans on meeting fans in Times Square on Monday to say thanks to them for sticking with him through this terrible time as well. All is good with Amore and although he might not be making the dollars he did during his WWE run hopefully, he was able to save enough money until his next project kicks off.

But it’s always on to the next thing for Amore and he has a clothing line in the pipeline as well as a much-rumored music career. He has also dawned the name “Real 1” and got that new logo tattooed on his body to make it official. As you can see in the picture below he got his new ink right above the microphone tattoo that we used to see every Monday night.

Only time will tell if we ever see Enzo Amore’s WWE return, but he certainly seems to be doing great in the meantime which is very good to see.