Elias has adopted quite a following since coming over from NXT. Although fans at Florida house shows got to see Elias work in NXT with this incarnation of the character most people only saw him on television as The Drifter and nothing more. He would wander around with his guitar and play a song every now and if he had a match Elias would usually lose in rapid fashion.

But since jumping to the main roster Elias often displays more wrestling ability in one match than he did during his entire time on TV in WWE’s developmental territory. Now everyone knows WWE actually stands for Walk With Elias and it looks like he’s is having a great time in the process.

Bryan Alvarez speculated on Wrestling Observer Live that Elias could be teamed up with Braun Strowman at WrestleMania to take on The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championships. After all, Strowman did cause Elias to set his guitar down and walk away without playing a real song which was one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time. Now it could very well translate into Elias’ first title in WWE.

Of course, all of that talk about Elias teaming with Strowman was just speculation and Alvarez stressed that point. But one thing is for sure that Elias has something very special planned for the Show Of Shows as he spoke to Sportskeeda and gave a little peek at what he has in mind.

“At WrestleMania, the performance will be something that you’ve not seen Elias do yet. We call it the grandest spectacle of them all right? I’m the grandest performer on Monday Night Raw. I’m the grandest performer in WWE. It’s only fitting that at WrestleMania, the biggest show we have, I put on the biggest performance you’ve ever seen.”

I’m certainly ready to Walk With Elias into WrestleMania, how about you?