Elias is one of the hottest heels in WWE and he knows how to get a hometown crowd going. In fact, he often writes his lyrics days if not weeks in advance planning for his next big show. WWE’s Raw brand brought a show to Dublin during their European tour and Elias knew just how to greet the fans. He busted out a little U2 cover action which was incredibly well-received. The legendary rock band formed in Dublin in 1976 and as you can see by the clip below, Elias didn’t have too many people booing him out of the ring this time.

All In is coming to Chicago on May 1st and it will be a huge show even if they don’t sell out. But one thing that will bring a lot of people to Chicago early is the massive podcasting convention called Starrcast. But so far it’s been kept a secret about who’s actually behind the podcasting event.

To make this situation even more interesting, David Bixenspan was able to dig up the registration information for the Starrcast website.

As it turns out the domain is registered to none other than Conrad Thompson, co-host of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, What Happened When With Tony Schiavone, and 83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff. So it would make total sense that Conrad was behind something like this because he is kind of the king of the pro wrestling podcast at this point.

Conrad made himself a pretty important piece to the podcasting puzzle with his many forays into the audio realm of the Internet Wrestling Community. The real question might boil down to why he felt like he should keep the information behind Starrcast a secret.

One possible reason for Conrad Thompson not divulging this information on his podcasts might have to do with several things. But it is certainly an interesting turn of events how Vince Russo was booked for the Starrcast event and the post was taken down a short time later after a mini-public backlash.